Pumpkin Cranberry Bread


Christmas is 13 days away.  It’s time to start baking.   The first Christmas treat I am making is a small loaf of quick bread to be the center of my Christmas eve treat plate.

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Adapted  from Libby’s.com

¾ cup all purpose flour

1/2 tsp  cinnamon

1/4 tsp ginger

1/8 tsp cloves or allspice

1/8 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

¾ cup sugar

1/4 cup  pure pumpkin

1 egg

¼ cup vegetable oil

¼ cup oj or water

¼ cup fresh, frozen or dried cranberries

Pre heat the oven to350 degrees.  Spray 2 5 inch x 3 inch loaf pans with non-stick cooking spray.  In a medium sized  bowl, combine the flour, cinnamon,  nutmeg, allspice, ginger,  baking soda, salt and sugar.   Mix well.   In another bowl,  combine the pumpkin, egg,  canola oil, and  oj or water.  Mix well.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until just moistened.  Fill each loaf pan half full.  Bake at 350 degrees for 50 – 60 minutes.


Chicken Thighs, 3 Ways (Whole 30)


I am so excited!!  I finished my new scarf today and just in time for cold weather too.  Yeah, I make my own scarves.  I have to. I don’t drive and learned very early on that those fashion scarves that are barely long enough to reach your boobs are cute but not very warm.  I need warm.

Since I couldn’t find it to buy it, I decided to make it myself.  I have crocheted since I was 12, so I decided to put the skill to  use and make myself a warm scarf.  I have made several over the years.  Whenever I get a new jacket or  just feel like a change I make a new one and give a way the  old one to the first person who admires the new one. That way nothing goes to waste.

Do you  have any old-fashioned skills you put to use today?

Chicken Thighs, 3 Ways

If you aren’t doing a Whole 30 you can find my original non compliant adaptions here.

Adapted from Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything

salt and ground black pepper
2 bone-in chicken thighs

Ginger “Soy”
1 ½ tsp minced fresh ginger
1 TBS plus 1 ½ tsp coconut aminos
1 TBS dark sesame oil

Chili Lime
1 TBS plus 1 ½ tsp olive oil
1 TBS fresh lime juice
1 ½ tsp chili powder
¾ tsp smoked paprika

Thai Sauce
1 TBS coconut milk
1 TBS smooth almond butter
¼ tsp curry powder

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Move the oven rack to the middle, if it isn’t already there. Mix the sauce ingredients together in a small  bowl. Put the chicken in the roasting pan, skin side up, sprinkle with salt and pepper and brush with your sauce.  After the chicken has cooked for 10 minutes, baste again with the sauce and turn the pieces; brush the other side and roast for another 10 minutes. Turn the chicken over, brush again with the sauce, and roast for another 5 minutes or until the chicken is done.

Pressure Cooker Teas


Over the year and a half I have been pressure cooking I have come to believe you can make any thing in a pressure cooker but never once did it occur to me to make drinks, like tea.  Is there anything a pressure cooker can’t do?  These recipes make an incredibly smooth and tasty tea.  Yes, these are recipes could probably be made on the stove in about the same amount of time as the pressure cooker but I like the idea of dumping everything in the pressure cooker, going to do whatever I need to do and coming back whenever and having my tea ready when I want it.

Pressure Cooker Masala Chai

From Two Sleevers

2-3 tea bags

1 1/2 cups water

1/2 cup coconut or almond milk, use cow’s milk if not Whole 30

2 whole cloves

3-4 cinnamon sticks

1/2 tsp fennel seeds

4 green caramom

4 thin slices ginger

Place all ingredients into the liner.  Bring to high pressure and cook for 4 minutes.  You can quick or natural release.  Strain the spices out and serve.

Pressure Cooker Iced Tea

From Two Sleevers

4 regular tea bags

6 cups water

1/2 cup sugar (omit if  Whole 30)

Place the tea bags and water into the liner.  Bring to high pressure and cook for 4 minutes.  you can quick or natural release.  Add sugar to taste.  Stir to dissolve.  Serve over ice. 

What Size Pressure Cooker Should I Get?

Judging by the large amount of questions I am getting,  pressure cookers are going to be under everybody’s Christmas tree this year.  The most common question I have been getting is what size pressure cooker should I get?   As the owner of two pressure cookers, one 2 quart and one 6 quart, here is my answer.   Go with a bigger size pressure cooker,  you can always cook small batches of food in a bigger pressure cooker but you can’t cooker bigger batches of food in a small pressure cooker.  I got my 6 quart pressure cooker on Black Friday last year and I haven’t used my 2 quart since.   A 6 quart is a nice size for a family of one or a family of 4.   If you have a bigger family than that or you just love left overs go for an 8 quart.

Another frequently asked question is do I need to get an Instapot?  Instapot is a brand like Crockpot and like any brand you are going to pay a premium price for it.  Is it worth it?  Well, that is up to you.  The Instapot does have a lot of bells and whistles you might be interested in. You will need to the research.   I am just here for the pressure cooking.


Christmas Roundup 2017

It’s 3 weeks and 3 days until Christmas.  Can you believe it?????  It’s time to get baking all those yummy Christmas treats.  Here is a round up  of all the small batch Christmas treats I have posted over the years.  Tune in on Monday for the start of this year’s batch of Christmas treats.

Peanut Brittle


Fruitcake Cookies

Peanutbutter Blossoms

Cranberry Pecan Sugar Cookies

Ginger Bread

Fruitcake Bread

Cranberry Apple Walnut Cake

Cranberry  Pie,  Rolled Crust

Elise’s Cranberry Pie