Tips For Whipping Eggs for Cake and Merinques

I have made many angel food cakes, big and small, over the years. Here are some tips I have learned that may make you angel food experiments more successful.

1. Never use a plastic bowl to whip your eggs in. A plastic is porous so it holds on to any oils or grease which prevents your egg whites from whipping to maximum volume.

2. Rinse your bowl and beaters in hot water before you start.

3. Use three bowls to separate your eggs. One to put the whites in. One to put the yolks in. Another one to break the eggs over so if you break a yolk you only have to redo one egg. Remember even a little yolk will keep your whites from whipping to maximum volume.

4. Add the sugar and extracts a little bit at a time so as not to deflate the egg whites.

5. Your meringue is ready to put on your pie when you can tip the bowl completely upside down and the meringue doesn’t fall out.

6. To prevent your meringue from weeping when making a pie, Make sure your filling is hot and your meringue is spread all the way to the edges of your pie.


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