40 Dollars A Week Challenge Menu November 1-8

I told you a few posts ago how my friend from work wanted me to prove the claim that I eat, and eat well, most weeks for 40 dollars or less. So Here I go. The first step in sticking to a budget is coming up with a plan. Here is my menu for the week.

Sunday – Cranberry orange pancakes and eggs
Monday – Refrigerator oatmeal
Tuesday – Homemade cereal and a banana
Wednesday – Cheese omelet, and buttered toast
Thursday – Homemade cereal and apple
Friday – Oatmeal and a hard boiled egg
Saturday – Homemade cereal and a banana

Note– My lunch is usually my biggest meal of the day.
Sunday– Cranapple pork loin, “Stove top” stuffing, roasted Brussels sprouts
Monday–General Tso’s chicken, fried rice, stir fried veggies
Tuesday–Spaghetti/ lasagna, salad/dressing
Thursday–Tangy Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich
Friday–Tuna noodle casserole, vegetable

I have insomnia and one thing that makes it difficult for me to sleep is eating too much before bed. Since I don’t get home from work until after 7 pm, I usually have a sandwich, a bowl of cereal or a small plate of leftovers. I almost never plan a specific meal for supper. But rest assured, I am eating something after work.


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