Making Your Own Bread — Equipment

WIN_20141110_133950 (2)
The first step in any cooking or baking endeavor is to gather your equipment. If you do any cooking or baking you probably have most of the equipment you need to make bread. To make bread you will need–

A big bowl — I use a 5 quart stainless steel bowl I bought at Walmart. It needs to be a big bowl to contain your dough when you mix it and when it rises. It doesn’t need to be stainless steel. It is just what I found at the time.

A wooden spoon or rubber spatula — You need a sturdy instrument that will stand up to vigorously mixing a heavy dough.

Dry measuring cups
Liquid measuring cups
Measuring spoons
A clean towel — to cover your bread dough while it rises.
A cutting board — This is optional but I find kneading bread dough on a cutting board makes clean up easier.
A thermometer — This is another optional piece of equipment. When I first started making bread I used a thermometer on all my liquids fearing that if the liquid wasn’t exactly in the range specified the bread would fail. I stopped using a thermometer once I got enough experience to tell by touch if it was too cold or too hot.
Bread pans– 1 9×5 inch which is the most common size and an 8 x 4 inch size. I prefer a solid heavy gauge tin or aluminum pan to either glass or silicone.

There isn’t a big investment of money to get started making bread. You probably have the majority of equipment in your kitchen already. The rest can easily be found at places like Walmart, Target and local dollar stores.


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