40 Dollar a Week Receipts Week One

It has been easy to stick to my 40 dollar budget for the week because I planned my menu around things I already had at home. So I didn’t do much planning for my grocery shopping. Friday night, I bought the fixings for pizza and Saturday, I bought some vegetables and junk food for dinner. I am coming down with a cold and all I wanted to after work is put on my jammies, curl up under my warm quilt and watch NCIS until I fell asleep. I bought the candied fruit because on clearance so I could make my fruit cake bread again and get a picture this time. I still have 9.68 dollars to spend for the rest of the week.

Peep pop .49
Tomato Sauce .44
Jar of Yeast 4.62
4 String Cheese 1.32
Pizza Blend Cheese 2.38
SubTotal 9.25

Crushed Pineapple. .99
Candied Green Cherries .99
Candied Pineapple .99
Head Cabbage 2.21
Whole Mushrooms 1.99
Onions 2.51
Ginger Root .75
Roast Beef Sandwich 2.69
Bag of Chips 1.49
Jumbo Muffin 1.39
Cottage Cheese 1.19
20oz Dr. Pepper 1.89
1 Quart Skim Milk 1.99
Subtotal 21.07


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