40 Dollar a Week Challenge Menu — Week Three

This week’s menu is presenting a series of challenges for my menu and my budget. The first challenge is I am going on vacation for 9 days. I tend not to cook much when I am on vacation, even when I stay at home. The second challenge is I am having company for a few days so I will be feeding myself and two other people for several meals. Fortunately, neither of the people I am feeding are picky. Since I am not exactly sure when my company is coming at this point, I am planning my regular menu for the week and a company menu for when they show up. I’ll post the company menu when they actually arrive.

Thursday — Homemade hot cereal
Friday– Pancakes and eggs
Saturday– Boston brown bread muffins
Sunday — crepes and sautéed apples
Monday — Spicy kale cups
Tuesday — Waffles and orange sauce
Wednesday — Garlic broccoli scrambles

Thursday — eat out
Friday — chicken with a Greek dry rub, potatoes, salad/dressing
Saturday — left overs
Sunday — roasted pork loin, Ginger sesame broccoi
Monday — Ground beef gyros, tabouli
Tuesday — Ginger tempeh burgers, leftover tabouli
Wednesday — Leftovers


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