40 Dollars a Week Challenge Menu Week 4

Being on vacation this week has really screwed up my menu plan for the week. I have been on vacation for 6 days and haven’t been to the grocery store once. I have eaten out a lot and when I have cooked at home it has been simple things, like pasta and burgers, using things from my pantry. So while I made a few things from last week’s menu you are going to see some overlap between last week’s menu and this week’s menu. I am going to cook at home for the rest of my vacation and be back to posting recipes on January 27.

Friday — Homemade english muffins, scrambled eggs and cheese
Saturday — Crepes with sauteed apples
Sunday — Spicy kale cups, english muffin
Monday — Garlic broccoli scrambles, english muffin
Tuesday — Boston brown bread muffins
Wednesday — Pancakes, eggs

Friday — Ground beef gyros, simple quinoa salad
Saturday — Roasted pork loin, salad/dressing, pantry fruit salad
Sunday — Leftovers
Monday — Ginger Tempeh Burgers
Tuesday — Lasagna, leftover quinoa salad, leftover pantry fruit salad
Wednesday — Leftovers


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