Carrot Cake

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The last few days I have been thinking of my seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Flasch. She used tell students who would come to her with excuses of why they couldn’t finish a paper time that lack of planning on their part didn’t constitute an emergency on her part. I used to think she was just mean but now I understand exactly what she means.

As a professional cake decorator, last minute cakes are a matter of course. They are usually small, licensed cakes that are relatively easy to do. I try to accommodate all last minute orders but I will not take one if it puts an existing order in danger of not being done on time. Sometimes that means I have to say no to a last minute order.

Sometimes I have say no to a last minute order because I am simply not able to do what you need in the time you have given me. I am only able to decorate so fast. I can only keep so many undecorated cakes and cupcakes on hand. I may not have the inventory to fill your order. So sometimes I have to say no to a last minute order.

May and June are the busiest months of the year for cake decorators. There are a lot of cakes for weddings and graduations in addition to the regular birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. I hate to have to say no to anyone who wants one of my cakes so would you please help me not have to say it to often by using these tips?

1. Plan ahead. It isn’t too early to order your cakes for May and June. The earlier you order the earlier I can order the toppers and other things I need for your cake and make sure they are here in time to do your cake.

2. Come prepared. If you want us to do something similar to what you saw on pintrest, bring a print out. If you want us to match a color, bring a two inch by two inch swatch of the material you want us to match. If you want us to use a professional photo bring us a signed release from the photographer. We can’t do anything without it. Do this even if your Aunt Sally took the picture in her basement. If it appears professional we can’t do anything without a release.

3.  Be flexible. There are some things I am prohibited from doing by law, see professional photos in number 2. There are some things I am prohibited from doing by the people I work for.  There are some things I am prohibited from doing because I don’t have the talent to do them. Seriously, I can’t draw to save my soul. My stick people don’t even look like people. That still leaves us a tremendous amount of things I can do to design a perfect cake for your event. Thanks for listening to me.

For those of you who are too far away from Fargo, North Dakota, USA, for me to decorate a cake for, I am leaving you a recipe for my current favorite cake to make and decorate at home. So head over to Dessert for Two and check out Christina’s wonderful recipe.

Carrot Cake

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