The Dessert for Two Cookbook — A Review

WIN_20150502_064002 (2)
Contrary to what my mom thinks, I am pretty particular about the cookbooks I buy for my collection. I have a rather strict set of criteria a cookbook must meet before I buy it, the most important being will I actually use it. If it fails to meet two or more of my criteria it stays on the shelf.

I have been looking forward to Christina Lane’s Dessert for Two cookbook since she announced it last summer. I finally got to pick it up a few weeks ago. It meets every one of my criteria and it has the added bonus of being a small batch cookbook. Something I don’t get to see very often and recommend even less.

Here are some of the things I like about Christina’s cookbook.

1. The majority of recipes in her book have not appeared on her blog. There are some recipes like her chocolate chip cookies and her sugar cookies that have appeared on her blog but there are just enough repeats to make the cookbook feel homey and familiar to those of us who have followed her for years. There are more than enough new recipes to make those of us who have followed her for years curl up on the couch with our sticky notes and book mark page after page. Oh, maybe that is just me but I don’t think so.

2. Christina’s desserts use common, easy to find ingredients. I bet you have all or the majority of ingredients for at least some of the recipes in your kitchen right now.

3. Christina’s recipes are 100 percent reliable. I am a fairly competent cook and baker but I have had cookbooks where recipe after recipe I have tried fails and fails spectacularly. If you follow Christina’s clear, concise directions you will always have a great end product.

Just so you know, I have received no compensation of any kind for this review. I am just a big fan of Christina’s blog and book. She has inspired everything I do here on A Solitary Feast. I just wanted to let you all about an awesome blog.

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