A Leave of Absence

Over the last few weeks I have become increasingly dissatisfied with my blog. It has become harder and harder to write posts. I feel like they are all the same and not very interesting.

It wasn’t until last weekend when I had a new friend read my blog for the first time I realized what the problem is. My friend, Derek, said that while he liked my blog, there wasn’t a lot of me in my posts. He is right. I am a very private person by nature. It takes me a long time to share more than surface level stuff with people I see and interact with on a daily basis. I am even more reluctant to share my personal stuff with people I meet on the internet. That is why I never accept blogging awards, even though I am beyond thrilled receive the nomination. Blogging awards often ask you to reveal a little about yourself.

However, if I don’t make some changes, this blog is going to die because blogging has become a job I have to do rather than something I enjoy doing.  I don’t want this blog to die. So I am going to take the next two weeks off and spend sometime in the kitchen cooking and baking without the pressure of taking photos and writing about it.  I am going to explore new some new options for my blog and, hopefully, come back in January a better, happier, blogger. Thank you for giving me this time. I hope you will all be back with me when I start posting again in January.  Julie

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