Weekly Writing Prompt #1

One of the things that pushed me into taking a blogging break in December was the feeling I had nothing very interesting to say. No, that isn’t quite right. I felt I had nothing to say at all, interesting or otherwise. It was torture to sit down and try to write a post. I would sit and stare and stare and stare at my notebook and nothing would appear on the paper.

I was getting very frustrated. I started talking to some of my online friends who helped me start A Solitary Feast about shutting her down. One of my friends suggested when I am stuck for something to write about I use a writing prompt to get the creative juices flowing. At first, I kind of poo pooed the idea because how could writing about non food related things make me a better food writer?

Well, I don’t know if using writing prompts make me a better food writer but they certainly get the creative juices flowing and lead to new and interesting things to write about, at least for me. So I have decided I am going to post a writing prompt once a week. It may or may not be food related. I encourage you to work on the prompt of the week and then post it here in the comment section to help inspire others. I will post my response and a new prompt the follow week.

Prompt #1 List 25 things you would never do.


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