Writing Prompt #3

Due to life events, I didn’t get my weekly writing prompt done and posted last week. Here is my response to writing prompt #2. If the internet disappeared today, how would you continue to share your love of cooking or what ever you blog about?

One theme that comes up over and over when I talk about my blog, A Solitary Feast, is how it isn’t worth cooking or baking for one or two. When I hear someone say that, I always think about how I would like to show them how wrong they are. If I couldn’t continue to blog, I would find a way to teach my skills to others, either personally, in a class room setting or maybe a combination of the two.

My class would consist of teaching people how to cook homemade versions of common prepackaged foods.  I would like to show people how you can cook homemade foods without spending hours in the kitchen.  I would also share my knowledge of how to stock the kitchen and cook for one or two.

Writing Prompt #3 How spontaneous are you?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #3

  1. I love the writing prompt feature! It gets me thinking, even though I don’t often take the time to say what I am thinking. This one hits home for me. I’m a spontaneous person and hubby is not. I want to do things on the spur of the moment like a movie or a meal and his answer is “Maybe”. He has to think way too long and eventually I give up or forget what I suggested. I’m a “grab my purse and head out the door” person.

    It also affects my shopping. I often find something right off and buy it. I might later find a slightly better or cheaper item somewhere else by accident but never return the original choice. I choose, I buy, I’m done shopping! I really hate shopping, so my spontaneous ways definitely work well for me when shopping.

    There are times I have to consciously pull back and avoid my quick choices but that’s rare. It usually involves big purchases, very unusual recipes and people I’m not sure about. I don’t think my spontaneity has been a bad thing, but there have been times I’ve regretted not taking a few more minutes to make a decision. I think that is probably fairly normal. I don’t beat myself up for it.


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