Writing Prompt #5

Here is my response to this weeks writing prompt, what is the best part about

When I started A Solitary Feast, I thought blogging would be a solitary pursuit, just me and my tablet sitting on the couch. I never expected the connections I would make with people, literally, all over the world. Some connections were just a comment or two. Other connections were more enduring, stretching over several social media platforms.

I followed Lili from Lili’s Cakes, because I was a cake decorator by profession and am absolutely floored by her stunning cakes. Her continued presence on my blog and Instagram account have encouraged me to branch out and expand my basic baking skills. Inverted puff pastry anyone? Although I haven’t posted my small batch adaptions of Lili’s recipes yet,  she is one of my favorite bloggers and a constant inspiration.

If you hang around my blog long enough you are going to see my small batch adaptions of recipes from Lady Melady My Castle, My Food. I get a lot of the recipes I adapt from her blog. That’s not surprising really. One of the things that made me stop and look through her blog is Audrey cooks the kind of food I likes to eat. I was in the position, at the time, were a person I trusted was being very nasty about the kind of foods I was posting. Seeing Audrey’s blog, her likes and kind comments on my food, both in my comment section and on her blog was an affirmation of my recipe choices and that people really do eat like I do.

In January, I got to meet Audrey in person and found that she is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog. It was amazing to put a face with I had been talking to for so long.

Writing Prompt #5 How do you cheer someone up? Describe a time when you did so.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #5

  1. You are so sweet! It was a fun afternoon with you Julie, and I still laugh over some of the things we talked about. It’s so amazing how food can bring together two people who would have probably never met otherwise! We must have more “meetings”!

    I use humor to cheer someone up who needs it. I can find humor in the strangest things, it’s a weird talent I have. And maybe the person is so surprised at my humor that they can’t help but laugh. Once you laugh, you’re on the way to being more cheerful. I cheered up my sister recently with an impersonation of my dad. I said when she is feeling intimidated she should channel Wally and proceeded to do just that. She had to laugh because I was so spot on. He really is a character when he’s riled and is easy for me to imitate. We both laughed over it and she was cheered for awhile.


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