What I Did On My Vacation

For the last nine days I have been on vacation and I can’t believe it is my last day of vacation already.  As usual, it went soooo fast.  Even though I didn’t have much planned I feel like I did a lot.

I read a lot.


I crocheted some dish clothes.


I saw that spring had really sprung


I shopped  for blog props, some small batch ingredients and some new equipment.

I worked on developing new recipes and spent sometime in the kitchen trying them out.

I got a perm.

I hung out with my friend, Steph,  just relaxing with some trivia. We are both trivia champs.

I learned it is important to learn how to use your camera on the manual settings but it is also important to know what the auto and semi auto modes do.  Using the close up and sport modes, I finally got some great pictures of my rat, Bug.  However, no amount of red eye reduction works when you are an albino rat.

And last but not least, I learned if Mojo.com puts a movie on the 10 movies not to watch alone list.You probably shouldn’t watch it alone (shudder).


5 thoughts on “What I Did On My Vacation

  1. Chuckle! Good for YOU and glad you enjoyed a little sunshine weather in the mix!! Maybe you would like to have my 2 lovely goldfish? I am leaving Fargo end of Aug or Sep and probably should not put these two lovelies through my move with me!!


    • Let me think about it. I already have 6 parakeets, 3 cockatiels, a gerbil and a rat. I am not sure I have enough room for anything else. The next time you are in the store come see me and Ill let you know.

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      • OK. They are very pretty, very quiet, and do a fantastic “Gee we are starving to death – believe us!” dance! One is nearly all white, used to have orange and the smaller is orange and white. btw I listen to this all the time now instead of other kinds of music!


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