10 Recipes Every Beginning Cook Should Know #5 The Basic Omelette

1025My Mom was definitely the cook in my family when I was a kid.  I can only remember seeing my Dad in the kitchen on two occasions.  Once helping my mom with dishes the night my youngest brother, Russell, was born and on the occasional Sunday, when he would make us omelette after church.

My 5th recipes every beginning cook should know is the basic omelette. Omelettes are a great way to use up all the little bits of meats and vegetables that accumulate over the course of the week.  The secret to a good omelette is not to over stuff them.  A couple tablespoons  of ingredients is all you really need. If you overstuff your omelette you will have a hard time getting it to roll nicely.  You don’t want your fillings to come out of the ends.

The Basic Omelette


2 eggs,  lightly beaten

1 TBS milk


whatever you want for fillings


In a small bowl, whisk the eggs and milk until a uniform yellow color.  Add some of your favorite spices if you like; set aside.  Heat an 8 inch pan over medium heat.  Lightly spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray.  Let set for a few minutes then gently lift the edge and let the uncooked egg run under the cooked portion.  Continue to do this until the egg is almost all cooked.  Add a your toppings to the lower third of the omelette.  Fold the bottom of the egg over the filling and gently roll the egg until the filling is covered let cook for a few minutes to heat the filling through.  Use a spatula to gently flip the omelette unto a plate and serve. 


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