Vacation, again.

In March, my youngest brother, Russell, called and asked if I would like to go on a trip to South Dakota with him and his family.  Of course, I said yes.  We are going to Mount Rushmore and Medora for the first 4 days then going to my parents in Minnesota for 4 days.   I am really looking forward to the trip.   I am not leaving you, however, I have several posts scheduled for you.  They are all my curry experiments I have I have done since I posted my red curry chicken and vegetables and Chicken Tikka Masala recipes a few months ago.

Originally, I wasn’t going to post my curry experiments.  I haven’t adapted any of the recipes I have tried to feed one or two because I think these portions are already small.  The recipes also don’t really fit with the overall philosophy of my blog, good food with easy to find, inexpensive ingredients. The curries I have tried have been great. The issue is that the some of the necessary ingredients aren’t easy to find and some of them are not cheap.  However, my readers are all smart people who can decide for themselves if they want to try and find the things for these recipes. My first curry related recipe will be up on Monday.



4 thoughts on “Vacation, again.

  1. Have a great time!!!! And, we ALL need treats and things to look forward to – food as a necessity works very nicely when the time is right to treat one’s self – and even to invite others to dine, as well! Look forward to these new recipes!


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