A New Blog Announcement


Hey Guys,  I just wanted to let you know that starting on Wednesday, October 26,  A Solitary Feast will have  a companion blog called Cooking Under Pressure.  It is all about pressure cooking for one or two.

You have always been great about letting me indulge in whatever culinary whims and fancies I have  but I just feel that my pressure cooking doesn’t fit into my vision for A Solitary Feast. So I decided to start a second blog to share the information I have found and the recipes I have begun adapting and creating for the pressure cooker.

What does having a second blog mean for A Solitary Feast?  Nothing really.  The only change you will is here is there will no longer be a Wednesday post.  I will still be posting on Monday and Friday on A Solitary Feast and Wednesday on Cooking Under Pressure.  I hope you will come and check it out and let me know what you think.  Thanks, Julie

2 thoughts on “A New Blog Announcement

  1. What a great name for a blog! I’m looking forward to it, I might even buy a pressure cooker to cram into the closet with the rest of my small appliances.


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