Pressure Cooking On A Solitary Feast —


A few months ago I started a pressure cooking blog called Cooking Under Pressure to share my new found love of pressure cooking with you and put all the information I have learned in one place.  Unfortunately, I seriously under estimated the amount of time it takes to create content for and maintain two blogs.  I am sad to announce that I am shutting down Cooking Under Pressure.

The main reason I decided to start a pressure cooking blog was because I didn’t want A Solitary Feast to become about cooking with gadgets.  I wanted A Solitary to remain about how I cook (without gadgets).  A few days ago, I realized, after 4 months of research and almost daily experimentation, pressure cooking is now part of the way I cook.

So I am going to bring back my Wednesday post and going to make it about pressure cooking for 2.  My Monday and Friday posts will remain about cooking and baking for 2 on the stove on the oven. Thank you for letting me do this. I hope you will find it entertaining and useful.



3 thoughts on “Pressure Cooking On A Solitary Feast —

  1. One blog really is enough, isn’t it? So many people are now pressure cooking (sometimes they call them “instant pots”) that it’s pretty mainstream. I don’t think anyone will mind if you do a recipe once or even twice a week. I’m really looking forward to them! I’m still trying to decide if I can find room for another appliance.


    1. Yes it is. The workload for two blogs didn’t double it quadrupled. Yikes. And I am a blogger without a computer. I do all my blogging on my day off at the library. I have a vacation coming up in April. Maybe you can come for a visit aNd we can spend the day cooking in my pressure cooker and visit at my place.

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