Online Pressure Cooking Resources


Today’s pressure cooking post is just some on line pressure cooking resources I find myself using when I have questions or want to find recipes I don’t have to adapt much.  I think they will be very helpful to anyone who pressure cooks or wants to start pressure cooking.

 Hip Pressure Cooking — This is the best place to start your pressure cooking adventures.  It has everything you need to know about pressure releases, charts of just about every ingredient you care to cook with, their cooking times,  pressure settings and kind of release that works best with the ingredient.  There are tons of really good pressure cooking recipes.  I advise you not only read the recipes but also read the comments as there is a lot of good advice and pressure cooking knowledge there.

Dad Cooks Dinner —  There are a lot of really good pressure cooker recipes here along with their stove top directions.

Pressure Cooking Today — Another great place to find pressure cooker recipes.

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe —  I have cooked a lot of Mel’s recipes over the years.  Mel is also a pressure cooking fan and has some good pressure cooking recipes I haven’t see other places



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