Christina Lane’s Sweet and Simple — A Review


Christina Lane’s new cookbook was on my door step when I got home from work last night.  I knew it was coming because my youngest brother, Russell and his family, pre ordered it for me for Christmas.  To have actually have it in my hot little hands made me want to call into work and tell them I wouldn’t  be in  because I have to bake.  The boss would be okay with that, right?  Right?  Okay, probably not, at least not until I brought him some marvelous treats.  Okay, so I went to work but I spent my whole shift thinking of all the stuff I want to try from this cookbook.

For those that don’t know, Christina Lane is the creative force behind the blog, Dessert For Two.  and the cookbooks, Dessert For Two, Comfort and Joy, and her latest, Sweet and Simple.  Christina is the master of small batch desserts, a dozen cookies, 6 inch single layer cakes and bars made in a loaf pan will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth without expanding your waist line.

Now that I have baked some of the recipes in her Sweet and Simple cookbook here are some of the things I  like about it.

  1. The chapters are organized according to pan size.  So if you have to buy a pan you will know you have many recipes to use it for.
  2. The pans she uses are easily found at most retail stores that sell kitchen supplies or craft stores that sell cake decortating supplies.
  3. Although, I haven’t made many recipes from Sweet and Simple yet, the recipes I have made are absoluutely reliable if you follow the directions.  I have been a fan of Christina’s blog for years and tried dozens of her recipes so I didn’t really expect anything else.
  4. Christina always has a good variety of recipes on her blog and her cookbooks.  One of the reasons I like Sweet and Simple is it has a lot of more traditional recipes scaled down for one or two then the other cookbooks she has written have had.

So if you like to bake but like a lot of leftovers lying around to tempt you try Sweet and Simple.



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