Whole30 Day 19 — The Day That Almost Wasn’t

For the last 18 days I have shared my Whole30 journey with you telling all about the things I have learned, my non scale victories, and, of course, sharing my favorite Whole30 recipes.  So I guess it is only fair to share some of the difficult things that happened too.  Yesterday, I almost ended my Whole30, with full knowledge of what I was doing.

Yesterday was just flat out an awfull day, from the moment my feet hit the floor to the time I turned out the lights for the day.  The tipping point came for me when, after a spending a half hour trying to help him, a customer called me a moron when his card wouldn’t go through, because, of course, he was sure he had enough money on his card to cover everything. I just didn’t know how to do the job I have had for the last 8 years.  Yeah. I just had it.  When I get really stressed out and/or frustrated, I tend to self medicate with sweet food.  Sure enough, by the time I left work for the day I wanted a candy bar sooooo bad. I even convinced myself that 18 days was way farther then I ever thought I would get, it was good enough.  I could try  up again later and make it to day 30 then.  I walked up to the self check out and picked up a snicker bar. But not just any snicker bar, that’s right, it was a king size snicker bar.  I opened it and had the candy bar right up to my lips ready to be eaten when  I had two thoughts.  1. I worked damn hard to get this far.  2.  If I bit into this candy bar, I would have to get on this blog and tell you all, I fucked up my Whole30 over a bad day and a snicker bar. I turned around and threw the candy bar away.  I just couldn’t do it.  What seemed worth a minute ago, now seemed the worst choice I could make.  Thank you for helping me deal with my moment of I am so over the Whole 30.

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