Cran-Cherry Sauce (Whole 30)

People always assume because I am a fairly good cook, I am very picky about my food. I really am only picky about two things, my eggs and my cranberry sauce. I like my eggs over easy and by over easy I mean the white is completely cooked and the yolk is completely runny. The tiniest speck of hard yolk and the eggs are over medium. Since I can only cook my eggs the way I like them only about 40 percent of the time myself, I don’t usually make a big deal about this when I can’t get them exactly right other places. With Cranberry sauce, well, it’s a fine line between sweet enough not to be bitter and so sweet your teeth hurt.

When I decided I was going to start my second round of Whole 30 in November, I started looking for compliant cranberry sauce recipes. I really didn’t want to give up my cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. I tried recipes that were sweetened with apple sauce, apple juice, dates, and half a dozen other things and , unfortunately, all the recipes resulted in exttremely bitter cranberry sauce. I was starting to think a good, compliant cranberry sauce was beyond my reach. Fortunately, I found a recipe in Nom Nom Paleo Ready or Not that is compliant if you leave out the honey. The best part is that the recipe doesn’t need honey to give you a really tasty  just sweet enough cranberry sauce. I made a double batch. I ate a good portion of it with a spoon standing in front of the fridge. The rest I used to make a cranberry chicken recipe in my pressure cooker. This recipe will become my go to cranberry sauce recipe whether or not, I am doing a round of Whole 30.

Cran Cherry Sauce ( Whole 30)

From Nom Nom Paleo Ready or Not

6 oz frozen cranberries

6 oz frozen sweet cherries

¾ cup apple juice

2 TBS honey (omit if Whole 30)

Place all the ingredients in a medium sauce pan.  Bring to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce heat and simmer until the cranberries start to burst and the mixture starts to thicken.

5 thoughts on “Cran-Cherry Sauce (Whole 30)

  1. Love the idea of adding cherries and apple juice.
    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Whole30 and am thinking about giving it a try. I see you’re into another round of it, so it must have been successful for you. Can I ask how did you feel while doing it? And was it to re-introduce foods after?


    1. Michelle Tam’s recipes are always awesome. Check out her blog Nom Nom Paleo. You should totally do a Whole 30. It is the hardest, most aweful, most wondeful, thing you will ever do for yourself. How I felt while doing it is a hard question to answer. I gave up caffeine and didn’t eat much processed food to begin with. Then 3 days in I got a bad case of the stomach flu. I seemed to miss the kill all things phase but had a cry at all things phase. I have to head back to work now but will totally keep writing and repling when I can

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      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!
        I will definitely check the blog you’ve mentioned and read more about the program. It sounds very challenging, in a good way. I’m thinking of trying it after the holidays, so hopefully by then I’ll be more prepared. 🙂


      2. You are welcome. I’ll be doing round two in January. If you would like to join me we could be Whole30 buddies and I could help you prepare to the best of my abilities.

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