Whole 30 Resources

When you do a Whole 30, you cook more in a week then most people do in a month.  It can be a little overwhelming.  It can feel like you are spending all you time in the kitchen cooking or cleaning the kitchen.   It doesn’t leave a lot of time to search for reliable blogs with Whole 30 recipes on them so I have compiled a list of blogs with relaible Paleo/ Whole 30 recipes for you.  These are blogs I turned to a lot when I did my first Whole 30 and kept turning to them even when I am not on a round, the recipes are just that good.

  1.  Nom Nom Paleo — Nom Nom Paleo already has 60 days of Whole 30 recipes on her blog, ranging from sauces and seasonings to main meals for all tastes.  Starting January 1, 2018 she is going to post a new Whole 30 recipe everyday for the month.  There is sure to be a lot of inspiration here.
  2.  Well Fed
  3.  The Domestic Man — I was following Russ Crandall long before I ever heard of the Whole 30.  I love the historical perspective he brings to his recipes.
  4.  Pretend It’s A Donut
  5.  Olive You Whole
  6.   Physical  Kitchness — Of all the new blogs I have found since doing my first Whole 30, Physical Kitchness is my favorite.  Her food is so good.
  7.  I Heart Umami — Raise your hand if you love Chinese food! Me, too.  I also thought it was something I would have to give up on my Whole 30.  Thanks to I Heart Umami it isn’t.  I can still have Sweet and Sour Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken plus a whole bunch of other stuff  I haven’t tried yet.  The recipes look a little daunting  but are actually quite easy.
  8.  Little Bits of Real Food
  9.  A  Life Made Full
  10.  New Leaf Wellness —  Okay, this isn’t a paleo or a Whole 30 site but she does have some Whole 30 recipes.  What I like about this site is she makes freezer meals to put in her crockpot.   Even though I don’t own a crockpot the recipes are very handy to have around to pressure cook on those days I just don’t have time to make anything from scratch, just dump and cook.
  11.   The Whole Smiths

There are tons of blogs with Whole 30 recipes on them.  You have to be careful because not all of  all of them are true to the spirit of the Whole 30.  You have to know your program and really read recipes closely to make sure they are technically compliant as well as in the spirit of the Whole 30.

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