Furikake — Japanese Rice Seasoning (Whole 30)

One more recipe for 2020 and, according to some of my friends, it is the weirdest recipe I have ever posted. I don’t know about the weirdest, but is unusual. If you have never heard of Furikake, that is okay. I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago when I bought a copy of Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian recipes.

Furikake is a Japanese spice blend, originally, used over rice. Now used to season pretty much everything. There are many different kinds of Furikake, all are based on sesame seeds, some kind of seaweed, salt and some kind of dried, flaked fish. It tastes a little nutty, briny but it doesn’t taste like fish.

So what do you use Furikake on? You can use it on rice, of course, but don’t limit yourself. I have used it on eggs, popcorn, and vegetables so far. I am going to try it on salads and some sauces I am working on. Rather than adding a lot of flavor to the dish, Furikake enhances the flavor that is already there. You can also Google Furikake recipes and come up with a load more ideas on how to use the stuff.

Some notes on sourcing ingredients for this recipe. Don’t buy a large amount of sesame seeds at once because they go rancid quickly. I found the sesame seeds and nori seaweed at my local grocery store and at Natural Grocers. There is a spectacular Asian market in my home town where I found the Bonito (dried tuna) flakes that I used but you can also order them on line.


From Feasting At Home

Basic recipe:

1/2 cup white sesame seeds

2-3 nori sheets

1/2 tsp kosher salt

Add Ins , optional but nice

2 tsp shitake powder, toasted with the sesame seeds

1 TBS Dulse powder, toasted with the sesame seeds

1 TBS black sesame seeds

1-3 TBS Bonito flakes

1/2 tsp wasabi powder

1 tsp kelp powder

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 tsp miso powder

2 tsp dried shiso leaves

Put the seeds in a pan over low heat, stirring every minute or so until they become fragrant and lightly toasted, 7-8 minutes.

While the sesame seeds are toasting, crumble the Nori with you hands until you have crumbles the size you want.

Combine the sesame seeds, Nori, salt, and any add ins you want. Mix well. Store in an airtight container for 6 months.

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