Simpson and Vail Almond Sugar Cookie Dessert tea — A Review

One of my favorite cooking shows is Chopped. The premise is 4 professional chefs get a box of mystery ingredients at the start of one of 3 rounds, then they have 30 minutes to incorporate those ingredients into an appetizer, entree or dessert. At the end of each round the chefs present their finished dish to the judges for critique.

One critique that is given a lot is to be careful what you call your dish. Names set up an expectation of what that dish is supposed to be and taste like. When that expectation isn’t met, it can lead to a some what disappointing experience. I find this especially true of dessert teas. To me, they never taste like the desserts they are named after so I was a bit disappointed to find an Almond Sugar Cookie dessert tea in my Simpson and Vail Subscription this month. I expected a good tea because Simpson and Vail teas are always good teas. I just didn’t expect it to taste anything like a sugar cookie. Sometimes it is good to be wrong.

What I like:

  1. There are actual slices of almond in the tea not just almond flavoring.
  2. You can smell the almond and vanilla when you open the package. It immediately makes you think of a sugar cookie.
  3. It tastes really good. Its warm and comforting like a sugar cookie right out of the oven.

What I didn’t like:

  1. The package was too small and I ran out of this tea way too quickly.

Almond sugar cookie is my favorite tea from Simpson and Vail so far. I will be ordering more in the future.

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