Hi, my name is Julie.  I am the founder of A Cuppa And Conversation. A blog about my tea journey.

Early in 2021, I started falling in love with tea, drinking it, learning about it and cooking and baking with it. I wanted to find out as much about tea as I possibly could. So I began searching the internet for blogs and websites about my new passion. I found a lot of them and some even had good information but almost all of them were by tea professionals or tea merchants.  That isn’t a bad thing but it can be rather intimidating to someone who is just starting to learn about tea.  And let’s face, a tea merchant’s job is to sell you their tea so you aren’t going to hear about other merchants that sell tea from them.

Then I fell into the path of the people who believe there is only one type of tea to drink, only one way to prepare that tea and if you drink any other kind of team or prepare it any other way than they do you aren’t really a tea drinker. Yeah, there are snobs even in the tea world.

These sites, while useful, were not what I wanted. I wanted to find a blog that gave me information about all kinds of tea from my beginner’s perspective. I wanted to hear about all different brands of tea, different types of tea, the good and bad things about them so I can make informed decisions about how I want to spend my tea budget. I wanted a place where I could ask questions without fear of ridicule and judgement. I wanted to find a blog that showed tea was fun. Since I wasn’t finding what I wanted, I decided to create my own tea blog and A Cuppa And Conversation was born.