About A Solitary Feast

Hi, my name is Julie.  I am the founder of A Solitary Feast.  A blog that is designed to show you, it is indeed, worth it to cook for one or two.

The idea for A Solitary Feast was born when my young friend, Ess, was moving out on her own for the first time.  I had been cooking for her for years and wanted to encourage her to cook for herself.  I thought it would be helpful to find her some recipes for one or two.  The problem was I didn’t find much in the way of recipes for one or two.  The ones I did find were often too simple or labeled romantic dinners for two, which often meant they were often expensive to make.  I just wanted small batch recipes for food I want to eat so I decided to adapt recipes for one or two myself.

I never intended to start a blog when I started adapting recipes for one or two.  It was something I did for fun to share with my friends.  My friend, Ess, kept encouraging me to  share my recipes in a blog but it was impossible for me to think people, outside my friends and family, would be interested .  With more encouragement from Ess and hearing more and more people saying they would cook more if there weren’t so many leftovers, I decided to give blogging  a try and A Solitary Feast was born.