Welcome to A Solitary Feast, a recipe blog for single people. A few years ago I started adapting family sized recipes to feed one or two people. The goal was to develop a small booklet of small batch recipes for a young friend who was moving out on her own for the first time. When I finished the booklet, I kept on adapting recipes and adding them to the big white binder in my kitchen.

I resisted the idea of starting a recipe blog for a long time. I changed my mind after talking to random people at my job and having them tell me how they would cook more if they could find recipes that didn’t leave them so many leftovers. Thus, A Solitary Feast was born.

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  1. This is such a great idea! Almost all the cookbooks I have include servings for 6-10 people. And…there is just two of us here (sometimes I’m just prepping for myself). Loving the muffin recipes so far!


    • Essbee, thank you for the kind words. It is nice to know people are liking what I do. I love muffins and have adapted a lot of my favorites so stayed tuned. One can never have too many muffin recipes. Julie


  2. loved reading your recipes and comments you are an awesome woman hope to see you soon [delaine]


  3. Your recipes are inspiring, and I believe you are providing a real service. I came from a family of nine, raised three very large appetites and as a result have a tendency to make larger batches than are good for the two of us. I’m learning, but some things are taking longer than others.


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  5. Thanks for the lovely comment. If you like what I have posted so far, stay tuned because I am going to start posting my Thanksgiving feast for one recipes soon. I think I have some winners there. Julie


  6. Hey, you were telling me about your blog. I work at Natural Grocers and I am so happy you told me about it! It is fantastic! A realistic amount of food to make for 2 and not only that but awesome food. New place to go for recipes! Fantastic!


  7. What a great idea! Now I feed a few of us but even when I was single and lived alone, I wanted to prepare food for myself and most recipes were for at least 4, which meant cooking the same meal all week. Good job!


  8. Hi! Met you last Thursday – you showed me and my friend the counter top ovens – thanks! I clicked on the box here “notify me of new posts” so hope this works! Very excellent blog!!!!


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  10. Carson says challenge accepted and even with the mushrooms he said the salisbury steak sounds good it is on our menu for the next week as well as one of our go-to favorites the Pizza Pasta casserole. Since my husband passed away and my daughter is off at college it is just Carson and I and I really struggle cooking for just 2 people so sometimes I would go without eating or we have a ton of leftovers. TRULY enjoy this site and the bonding time it gives me with my son ❤


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