Grant Bread

People never believe me when I tell them that making bread from scratch doesn’t have to take all day. Granted, making yeast bread will never be a 30 minute or less kind of project. However, I can have a lovely loaf of bread on the table in 90 minutes. Don’t believe me? Head over to My Favorite Pastime and check out her recipe for Grant Bread, (No kneading Required).

The first time I made this loaf, I made it just as written and used all whole wheat flour. The result was exactly what I expected a whole wheat loaf to be. A slightly dense, slightly bitter loaf that was good with a smear of butter and a bit of honey for a midnight snack or toasted with a couple slices of cheese melted on top for breakfast. The next time I make an all whole wheat loaf I’ll add a little more sweetener. The slight bitterness isn’t unpleasant it just might not work for all the things I like to do with bread, like French toast or bread pudding.

The second time I made the loaf, I used all purpose white flour and, again, it made a very nice loaf of white bread. It was moist and light. I can see myself making this bread and experimenting with the different kinds of flour I have in my pantry. The next time I make this bread I am going to try a rye version.

One baking note, if you have made bread before you will be tempted to add more flour to this dough. Don’t do it. Unlike traditional yeasted bread, this dough is supposed to be a shaggy, soft, sticky, hard to handle mass.