A Few Of My Favorite Things

When you are a food blogger you are constantly trying new things to inspire your cooking.  I seldom spend a lot of time thinking about recipes I have already put on the blog unless I am incorporating  them into a new recipe.  I think that is why I was so caught so completely by surprise when someone asked me what is my favorite recipe on  the blog.  I had just never thought about it.  Well, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my favorite recipe on the blog today.  Here are some of the recipes I make over and over from my blog.

  1. Chocolate Ricotta Muffins   —   Muffins are by far my favorite thing to bake.  I have more muffin recipes than other kind of recipe in my to try files and a large number of adaptions on the blog.  Of all those muffin recipes, Chocolate Ricotta muffins are my absolute favorite.
  2. My Mom’s Chicken Soup –– This is the only recipe on the blog I haven’t changed a single thing about.  I have eaten this soup my whole life and it is still one of the most requested things my mom makes when me and my brothers come home.
  3. Italian Tomato Sauce — spaghetti sauce is the first thing I ever made from scratch. The recipe came from a 4-H cooking manual. I made that recipe dozens of times when I was a kid.  That recipe is long gone.  Now I use Mollie Katzen’s recipe for Italian tomato sauce.  It’s even better than the 4-H sauce.
  4. Air Fryer Chicken Wings – I have eaten more chicken wings in the year and a half I have had my air fryer then I have in the entire rest of my life. I usually just pat the wings dry, season them heavily with my favorite Primal Palate spice blend or Magic Mushroom Powder, see #5, and fry them till crispy.  I don’t usually toss them with sauce but you certainly can if you want to.
  5. Magic Mushroom Powder — I love making spice blends because spices can take a boring meal and make it something special  without a lot of effort.   I usually just make enough a spice blend to last 1 or 2 recipes but Michelle Tam’s Magic Mushroom Powder is different.  I make larger batches and keep it around for all my everyday cooking.  I use it on everything. Magic Mushroom Powder doesn’t add a lot of flavor to a dish on its own. Instead when you use it, it amplifies the flavors already there.

I have over 650 recipes on the blog so this is just small handful of the recipes I use regularly when I cook.

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